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In Quinto Pulso "Creativity expanding boundaries" - alternative musical platform - we develop unique sounds through peruvian musical roots with elements from other styles like jazz, pop, latin, symphonic and World music. We aim to produce and promote mainly performing and recording projects that take peruvian tradition into new dimensions. 

Original versions from famous peruvian waltzes performed vocally by José Luis Madueño & Andrea De Martis.

ConVersiones is a tribute to Peruvian cultural diversity. A selection of the most well-knowned peruvian waltzes produced and arranged in other Peruvian and World music genres taking these melodies into a cosmopolitan atmosphere.  Peruvian tradition (afroperuvian, creole, andes and amazon) blend with sounds coming from pop, jazz, blues, world and symphonic. With a band of more than 10 musicians.  Read more here...



A new peruvian dimension.

Mundos Paralelos (Parallel Worlds) is an audiovisual spectacle conceived by José Luis Madueño that promotes music and dances from Peru leading tradition into a new bunch of possibilities through the use of a universal and contemporary language.  A professional cast formed by Peruvian artists perform Madueño’s compositions introducing styles from the coast (festejo, marinera norteña, zamacueca, panalivio, lando), from the Andes (carnaval, huayno, huaylas) and also including a genre from the Amazonas region called Pandilla. Read more here...​​​​​​​

“This resourceful musician leads us on an invigorating aural journey loaded with genuine innovation” – Jazziz Magazine.

Along his musical voyage Jose Luis has been performing his compositions with Trios and Quartets – even bigger musical band formats - taking Afroperuvian tradition, music from the Andes and Latin America and a wide variety of styles through a personal shape. His musical contribution in afroperuvian music has been acknowleged through two international Latin jazz Prizes in La Habana, Cuba (2000 and 2002) with his compositions “Reencuentros” and “En el rincón” based on festejo, style developed on the peruvian coast. Read more here...

Cuarteto cuadrado


"Madueño's music is like a breath of fresh air right out of the Andes." - Latin Beat Magazine.

A musical expression with an open scope for variety where Peruvian, Latin American, Jazz, Classical and Improvisation trends converge to create exciting rhythms and textures. José Luis is both Performer and Composer with classical piano training and a large experience on Peruvian and some Latin American and World folk traditions. Read more here...

Encuentro de dos pianistas peruanos de notables trayectorias en el que confluyen la música clásica y la música popular .

Es un encuentro entre la música clásica - principal camino surcado por Chuquisengo - y la música popular de Madueño. En una misma velada se alternan obras de Rachmaninov, Ravel, Mozart, Piazzola, Jobim, Chabuca Granda, Andrés Soto, José Luis Madueño, Egberto Gismonti y de otros compositores.  Música clásica, bossanova, tango, bolero, landó, festejo, vals y wayno se alternan con los obras clásicas dejando espacio para la Improvisación. Ver más aquí...

Dos pianos