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(Parallel Worlds)

Welcome to this performing adventure,
Mundos Paralelos (Parallel Worlds) invites you to an intense voyage
through peruvian culture,

music and dance,
promoting tradition into new dimensions.

  • An intense tour through peruvian culture diversity.
  • Music and Dance from Coast, Andes and Amazonia. 

  • Promoting peruvian tradition into new dimensions.

Parallel Worlds, the audiovisual spectacle conceived by José Luis Madueño promotes music and dances from Peru leading tradition into new dimensions through the use of a universal and contemporary language.  

A professional cast formed by Peruvian artists perform Madueño’s compositions introducing styles from the coast (festejo, marinera norteña, zamacueca, panalivio, lando), from the Andes (carnaval, huayno, huaylas) and also including a genre from the Amazonas region called Pandilla.

Parallel Worlds is both an instrumental and vocal project. Performed vocally by José Luis and the young and talented vocalist/composer Andrea De Martis.

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