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José Luis Madueño is a Peruvian musician that develops his art within several musical styles with the afroperuvian and andean genres as his main fields, introducing them in traditional and contemporary forms through jazz and world music. He has accomplished a unique sound - as composer and arranger as well as performer - that touches the audiences through his recordings and alive performances across the globe and that has been recognized by the international press.
Jose Luis plays different roles in the music business: as Piano and Keyboard performer, playing as soloist and for other artists; as Producer, Composer and Arranger in Recordings, Performances, Movies, Dance, Theater and Television. Likewise he is a well known music teacher in Lima – Peru giving private lessons and workshops.

He also expresses his music through other instruments as guitar, flute, quena, pan flute, cajón, percussion and he has a rising career as a vocalist. He has performed at jazz, latin and world music festivals in Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, USA, Spain, Norway, France and Sweden.



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