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José Luis Madueño & Andrea De Martis

Peruvian and Cosmopolitan Music
Andina, Afroperuvian, Pop, Blues, Latin, Symphonic





  • Viernes 01 December, Cocodrilo Verde. With our band of more than 10 members.

VIDEO CLIP. We are producing our second Videoclip. The next song of our CD for this will be Mal Paso with an exciting groove, a blend of tropical and andes roots. You can listen to this song here


Digital Donwloads

You can download the album securely from our online store with exclusive content and bonus tracks. Also available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Cd Baby and more.  Enter here.

Physical CD

Our CD is available on different Stores in Peru. You can find it at Phantom Music in Lima, Trujillo, Cusco, Arequipa, Piura and Chiclayo. Other stores in Lima: Quinto Pulso, Sonocentro, Discos Eternos, Ciudad Disco, Moving Sound, Pajarito Records.  Delivery in Peru only from our online store.

  • Original arrangements of well-knowned peruvian waltzes 
  • Leading Peruvian tradition into new dimensions 

  • Performed vocally by José Luis Madueño and Andrea De Martis 

  • Culture and Generation connections

    ConVersiones, a new musical adventure, produced by peruvian musician, composer, arranger and producer José Luis Madueño is a selection of the most well-knowned peruvian waltzes produced in a complete new way. Performed vocally by Jose Luis and Andrea De Martis this compilation also includes some cult waltzes of great peruvian composers.

    These waltzes are produced and arranged in other Peruvian and World music genres: with Afro Peruvian and Andean sounds, Panalivio with Drum & Bass approach, delightful Latin Beats, mixing afro Peruvian Lando with Blues and the Creole Waltz with Jazz. These are some of the magic conversions that give a fresh and new sound to traditional songs leading them towards audiences of different generations and musical cultures.

    This project took some time to develop, from the studio to live performances. The result is a new language for peruvian musical industry and the world audience too. We hope you enjoy it! The album has been released recently and it is only available thorough this website and the major online stores.

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The band format for performing CONVERSIONES as it sounds on the recording:
  • Piano and keyboards
  • Classic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Percussion 1 (peruvian cajon, congas, toys)
  • Percusión 2 (djembe, timbales, toys)
  • Brass section (trumpet, tenor sax, trombone)
  • Alto and Soprano sax
  • Quenas and Zampoñas (Panflutes)
  • Violin
  • Accordeon
  • Flugel horn
  • Flute
  • String Quartet
We can still play ConVersiones in smaller bands.

Videoclip "Ódiame" ("Hate me")

The new version of the many times recorded creole waltz Ódiame (music: Rafael Otero López, lyrics: Federico Barreto) blends musical roots of the Peruvian Andes with the Afro Peruvian tradition producing a rising musical form that can be called Afroandina (Afro Andean music). This musical style can be found at Madueño’s discography at many levels. 

This is the first single released by internet as a Video Clip in 2013. It was directed by the peruvian artist Santino De La Tore.

PRESS - "Odiame" Single Release

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