Peruvian and Cosmopolitan Music

Andean, Afroperuvian, Pop, Blues, Latin, Symphonic

José Luis Madueño & Andrea de Martis

  • Original arrangements of well-knowned peruvian waltzes 
  • Leading Peruvian tradition into new dimensions 

  • Performed vocally by José Luis Madueño and Andrea De Martis 

  • Culture and Generation connections

    ConVersiones, a new musical adventure, produced by peruvian musician, composer, arranger and producer José Luis Madueño is a selection of the most well-knowned peruvian waltzes produced in a complete new way. This compilation also includes some cult waltzes of great peruvian composers.

    These waltzes are produced and arranged in other Peruvian and World music genres: with Afro Peruvian and Andean tastes, Panalivio with Drum & Bass approach, delightful Latin Beats, mixing afro Peruvian Lando with Blues and the Creole Waltz with Jazz. These are some of the magic conversions that give a fresh and new sound to traditional songs leading them towards audiences of different generations and musical cultures.

    This project took some time to develop, from the studio to live performances. The result is a new language for peruvian musical industry and the world audience too We hope you enjoy it! The album is gonna be released first through this web site very soon.

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